Welcome Back Blog Post and New YouTube Channel!

Sep 01, 2022

Hey Dancers! This is Gina McFadden of Dancer 360 and welcome to my Blog!

My work at Dancer 360 is all about coaching you to be your best Dancer-self: body mind and soul. By the end of this blog post you'll know more about me, about the company I founded (Dancer 360) and about I serve YOU - as your coach to encourage you, challenge you, and educate you. My passion and all my work is around helping you shine your brightest as a dancer because the world needs the art you will make.

I've been dancing since the age of nine. I was a competitive dancer who was a bun head at heart. I went on to dance professionally with companies such as the Joffrey Ballet, Ballet Pacifica State Street Ballet and The National Choreographers Initiative. I've been a dance educator for 25 years teaching at schools such as Boston Ballet School, Hope College and Grand Valley State University. I'm a yoga certified instructor since 2016 and a certified wellness coach and I work with clients around the globe both dancers and non.

In 2020, I founded Dancer 360 with a desire to help serve the dance community. I was tired of watching my students get injured and sit out of jumps and suffer from burnout. I have a deep desire to help you shine from a holistic perspective of body mind and soul!

What you can expect from this blog? Body . mind . soul Dancer-specific topics. Body: I want to help you maximize your flexibility and increase your strength both safely and effectively. Mind: I want to teach you some quick and easy tips to ditch comparison and gain confidence and mental resilience. Soul: why burn out when you can shine on! I help you to tap into and utilize your uniqueness as a performing artist.

Also (as a fun added bonus), I love to cook. Occasionally this blog will give you an easy, quick and fun recipe that anyone can cook.

Best news of all? You can view these blog posts on my new YouTube Channel! Be sure to subscribe if you are a visual-learner! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

So that's my Blog in a nutshell!

Think of me as your Dance Wellness Coach cheering you on (body mind and soul) from this blog. Be sure to check back each week so you can receive coaching from me every 360 Thursday. Follow me on instagram where you'll get a daily dose of danspiration!

See you next 360 Thursday and until then Dancer, shine on with all that you are. βœ¨



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