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Dancer 360 Course

The Body - Mind - Soul training you NEED in an online course you will LOVE.   

Grow your confidence, claim your unique artistry, gain flexibility & strength so that you can SHINE on stage!

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Free Tips for Balancing Body, Mind & Soul as a Dancer

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Katie MacMillan

The Dancer 360 course is very inspiring and helped me to focus on what is important going into my competition.  I highly recommend the course to any dancer that may be looking to take their training to the next level!

Sophia Tocco

This course has been SO impactful for me. When life is busy with school and dance, it gets hard sometimes. The course has helped me realize that it is important to take care of myself in all aspects (body, mind, soul), set realistic goals, and to do my best to keep a growth mindset.

Katie Groven of 

I needed this course SO, SO MUCH when I was 10, 15, 25 years old. I needed to start cultivating self-love and acceptance, to know there were parts of me that rock and to let go of the parts that weren't going to change. I needed to know how powerful my mind was.  
UGH. This is good stuff..

The Dancer 360 Membership

Gina draws from her training as a certified holistic coach, 25-year dance educator, former professional ballet dancer and certified yoga instructor  to help Dancers tackle the challenges holding them back. Get ready to unlock your full potential with the Dancer 360 Membership! Click below to learn more!


The Confident Dancer Mini Course

Grow your confidence, build a strong & resilient mind, and OWN your unique artistry (even if you have a super busy dance schedule and struggle with comparison & negative self-talk)!

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The College Dance Decision

This 4-session mini course will help Dancers take stock of what they really want after high school, develop a plan (and a back up plan!) toward achieving their goals and provide actionable advice to connect and unite with parents to bring their dreams to life.

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I help dancers maximize flexibiltiy, gain strength & stamina, and safely cross train.


I offer dancers the tools to embrace their unique gifts, build mental resilience and grow their confidence.


I help dancers connect with their artistry and remember their "why" so that burn out gets replaced with SHINING ON.

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