Dancer, want to *stop worrying* about what's next after high school? 

The College Dance Decision will help Dancers take stock of what they really want after high school, develop a plan (and a back up plan!) toward achieving their goals and provide actionable advice to connect and unite with parents to bring their dreams to life.


Gain confidence and clarity on your dance a weekend!

We've been there! We've chewed nails, worried over the decision, lived through the (sometimes challenging) conversations with our parents...and come out on the other side with professional careers in ballet. 

Let us save you countless hours and dollars by providing you with the structure to make an informed, empowered decision.

Let us be YOUR mentor and coach through the process of making your decision.

Career Mentor Caitlin Sloan of The Brainy Ballerina

shares her experience and expertise in going to college as a dance major before she began her professional ballet career.

Wellness Coach Gina McFadden of Dancer 360

shares her experience and perspective of auditioning for companies and becoming an apprentice, beginning her professional career.

Worksheets designed to help brainstorm and decide

whether to audition for companies or begin a college degree in dance...or something completely "outside the box!"

Let us be your mentor and coach!


Ready to cut through the fog of anxiety and confusion and finally get a plan for your dance future?